No more fear

tea phone sharpie glasses

Wow…here it is…my first post! I feel like there should be a fan fair or something after all of the hype and anticipation (in my own mind).

A big welcome to you, my lovely readers. I’m Rachel and I am so pleased to meet you. Come on in, take a load off and grab a cuppa before we begin. There’s nothing to fear. This blog is all about your recreation time and your love of crafting. I’m going to give you some great ideas and tips to help you express yourself creatively, without the fear failure. Together we’re going to break down the walls of negativity and make you realise that it doesn’t matter if you make something that’s not worthwhile or not perfect; the important thing is that you do make something and enjoy the process along the way. So grab your empty notebooks, your glue and your scissors. We’re going to make a mess…

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