My Current Notebooks, Journals and Scrapbooks

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The more I post right here on Clarty Hands, the more you’re going to see of my extensive collection of notebooks, journals and scrapbooks. For that reason I thought you guys might like to see a list of the books I actually use and to see what I use them for. So here goes…

My Business Organiser

Between Etsy, my blog and all of my social media accounts it’s pretty easy for me to get forgetful and overwhelmed with the ridiculously big to-do list that’s rattling around in my brain. This is why I need my Business Organiser. I made my own printables with OpenOffice Impress and my folder is divided into sections to set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

business planner organizer

My Scrapbook

The scrapbook I use is spiral bound with white card pages and a Kraft cover. I use this book to make layouts about important things in my life such as trips away, special occasions and people I know and love. I use embellishments, journal spots and found ephemera to make my layouts exciting.

scrapbook layout

My Art Journal

My art journal is a spiral bound, A4, Pink Pig sketchbook that I use for playing with mixed media. For me art journaling is less about preserving memories and more about enjoying the process of…well…art. I hesitate to use the word because I wouldn’t call myself an artist but I guess that’s what I am if that’s what I make!

create art journal

My Bucket List

This book is the oldest on my list. I started it a few years ago by writing down everything that I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime. Every time I meet one of my goals, I tick it off the list, write down the date and then add a photo to a clean page to prove that I’ve done it. It isn’t beautiful but I think it’ll be lovely for me and the kids to look at when I’m older. I also keep adding to the list as I think of more life goals.

The following are all A5 Kraft sketchbooks that are used as inserts in my purple elephant fabric traveler’s notebook.

traveler's notebook

My Creative Journal

My creative journal is for writing about my thoughts, feelings and everyday events in a visually appealing way. I like to keep the colours as monotone as possible and decorate with washi tape, small black and white photographs, doodles and lettering.

creative journal

My Tester Book

There are some occasions when I need to try out techniques and themes (usually for blog post purposes) that don’t belong in any of my other books so I use my tester book for them instead. It’s also useful for trying out any new supplies and tools that I purchase.

blue and green collage

My Handy Notes

This is an insert in my traveller’s notebook for jotting down ideas as they come to me. I don’t try to make it look pretty or ordered in any way as I don’t want anything to get in the way of getting the idea down on paper as soon as it pops into my mind. I refer to the notes at a later date when I transfer them to my Business Organiser and begin to plan them in a more ordered way.

My Mini Adventures Travel Journal

I class “mini adventures” as day trips and events and I document them Smashbook style in one of my A5 Kraft sketchbooks. I keep it in my traveller’s notebook so it is handy to take away with me on trips and I can entertain myself by filling it in on long car and train journeys.

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